GO Mobile

Hardware and Network

Use existing laptops or other mobile internet enabled devices already installed in your vehicles or choose your own mobile devices. We can help in your hardware selection process but you are not required to purchase hardware from us. We recommend that mobile internet-enabled devices have WiFi as well as 3G data network capabilities at a minimum. We also recommend the use of a mobile amplifier within your vehicle to help address signal issues in areas of low signal strength. These amplifiers typically strengthen the signal of all cellular devices within your vehicle.

What do we display

Our objective here is to display on one screen all of the up-to-minute important information you require to minimize response time and increase your preparedness. With that said, you choose what information to display. A typical screen will include a list of selectable outstanding (not cleared) incidents. Incident details are also displayed on screen for the currently selected incident. In addition, if you elect to use your own internal area maps we will display the associated are map for the incident. Or, if you elect to use our dynamic mapping feature, we will dynamically draw a map and center/zoom in on the incident location and place a marker. Also, markers for all surrounding road closures, water sources and traffic will be displayed on the map. If you hover your mouse over any of the markers on our dynamic map you will get a pop-up of additional details for example if a hydrant is active or inactive. Map panning and zooming is available for both the area map solution as well as the dynamic map solution. In addition to the above incident information, a typical mobile screen will also include a section showing your chosen list of Hospitals and their current status.

FASTweb Maintenance Tools

A web-based tool will be made available to station personnel designated to maintain required information. If you choose to use our Dynamic mapping feature you will likely use our road closure and water source maintenance tools to geolocate these items on a map. If your county maintains GIS data for these layers, we would pursue importing this data to minimize your maintenance responsibilities.

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