Non-Emergency Information

Maximize your Investment

All Public Safety Fire, EMS, and Police stations vary but it is safe to say that most, if not all are not always, 24 hours a day, in an alert status handling emergency incidents. Let's say you purchase the FAST platform and get three large LCD monitors installed throughout your station as well as two large LED signs. This is quite an investment. The FAST system provides the means for you to get the maximum benefit out of your investment by including a non-emergency component to the overall FAST solution. Basically, all of the times that your station is not in alert status, the LCD monitors and LED signs will be used to display important critical non-emergency information so you are as prepared as you can be when the next emergency alert comes through.

Non-Emergency Services

The FAST system currently consists of a handful of non-emergency services but this list is growing on an ongoing basis. You can choose from the existing FAST non-emergency services or you can direct us to point to an existing website that delivers a piece of your desired information or you can ask us to develop a specific tool to deliver your desired information. Use your imagination here, if we don't already have a service to fit your needs make sure to ask us as I'm sure we can build what you're looking for. The current list of FAST non-emergency services are Road Closures, Equipment Status, Upcoming Events, Duty Schedules, Weather Doppler Radar maps, Traffic Closure and Incident Map, Traffic WebCAMs, and Hospital Status.

LCD Screen layout Options

The FAST system is flexible in terms of the layout of your chosen non-emergency services. We have designed four base layouts for you to choose from. A one-pane view which uses the entire LCD monitor to display one service. If you choose this layout and you've chosen more than one service, then we can alternate between your chosen services at a time interval of your choosing. The second layout is a two-pane view which splits the LCD monitor in half with a left and right side. A four-pane view and a six-pane view are also available. The panes in each view are designed in such a way that if for example there are too many road closures to show in the area provided then this pane will automatically begin to scroll. We have recently added a 3-pane and a 5-pane view to make your layout choices even more flexible.

FASTweb Maintenance Tools

A web-based tool will be made available to station personnel designated to maintain required non-emergency information such as Road Closures, Equipment Status, Upcoming Events, Duty Schedules or any similar services requiring up to date maintenance. If you choose to use our Dynamic mapping feature you will likely use our road closure and water source maintenance tools to geolocate these items on a map. If your county maintains GIS data for these layers, we would pursue importing this data to minimize your maintenance responsibilities.

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